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Product and service characteristics

Industrial stone for construction

which is the stone used in the construction of buildings, houses, roads, dams, etc. by categorizing the types of stones according to the size of the stone Industrial stones for construction can be divided according to their use as follows:

Use in concrete work

It uses stone mixed with cement. For use in concrete work for building construction and various infrastructure projects. The stone used is mostly limestone because it is easily available, quality, consistent, and easy to produce.

road construction use

It is mostly used for priming roads or mixed with asphalt for use in repairing or building roads, especially new roads that require stone for priming. The stone used in this type of work is usually limestone or sandstone and shale

Product and service characteristics

Use in special construction projects

Special construction projects that use large quantities of construction stone include: Construction of trains, airports, or large public utilities Which stone is used in this type of work? It needs to be stronger than other types of stone, such as granite, which has a high hardness value. It is often used in the construction of foundations for large construction frames that require strength.

Product and service characteristics

dolomite mineral

Dolomite is limestone that contains more than 18 percent of magnesium oxide (MgO), which is formed from sedimentary rocks or rocks that accumulate into limestone layers. Then the limestone mass was modified by the process of dolomitization. (dolomitization) whereby radicals or calcium elements in limestone are replaced by radicals or magnesium elements under landfill conditions at appropriate temperature and geological conditions.

Product and service characteristics

Uses of dolomite minerals

• Used in the glass manufacturing industry. and glass packaging
• Used in the construction business, making cement and tiles.
• Used to make magnesium into a fire-resistant material, such as lining steel blast furnaces. It is a converter furnace in primary steel production.
• Used in the paper making process.
• Used to make medicine to treat bone diseases.
• Used to make pottery. ceramic doll
• Used in agriculture. The dolomite is finely ground to be used to improve soil quality. Or used to adjust water conditions in ponds for raising shrimp, fish, etc. to adjust the pH of soil and water. It is a solution to the problem of acidic soil conditions. soil deterioration and soil that has been used for agriculture for a long time To return to being fertile, suitable for further agriculture. Including being the main source of plant nutrients. Because it contains the elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. And secondary nutrients for plants include calcium, magnesium, sulfur, as well as additional nutrients necessary for plants such as iron, manganese, copper and zinc. As a result, the products received are of high quality.

Types of stone products are as follows:

Types of granite and limestone

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