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History and changes of Stone One Public Company Limited

Dolomite Phase 2

The company expanded its business from dolomite phase I to dolomite phase II in order to produce dolomite powder (Dolomite Power), which is an expansion of the production line from products obtained from dolomite phase I to be produced as dolomite powder. with laboratory To control product quality to meet the size, specifications, and needs of customers.

Dolomite Mineral

The company has developed and expanding a new product, Dolomite or “DLM” Dolomite Phase I, to produce lump and aggregate dolomite, which is located at Chom Bueng Mine. Ratchaburi Province from July 2021 onwards.

Renewal of concession certificate

Nong Kha Granite Quarry License number 21400/15786 has been renewed for a period of 10 years, expiring on 25 November 2032. Chom Bueng Limestone Quarry. Received certificate number 21128/16246 for a period of 25 years, expiring on 17 August 2042.

Business Restructuring

Business restructuring Focusing only on the business of producing and distributing industrial stone products for use in construction. and provide transportation services

Change company name and registration

January 2013 | Changed company name to Stone One Company Limited.
August 2013 | Registered transformation into Stone One Public Company Limited.

Change the company's business structure

ready mixed concrete Leaving only the business of quarrying and sand pits. By the main business of the company

Change company name

Changed the company name to Boral Concrete and Sandstone Company Limited.

Change company name

Changed the company name to Boral Sandstone Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Change company name

Changed the company name to Hanson Sandstone Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Register to establish a company under the name

Pioneer Aggregates (Thailand) Company Limited, on January 25, 1996, engaged in the business of producing and distributing concrete.

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