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Product and service characteristics

Industrial stone for construction

Which is the stone used in the construction of dwellings, roads, dams, etc. by dividing the types of stones According to the size of the stone By dividing industrial stones for construction according to use as follows

Use in concrete

Is the use of stone mixed with cement For use in concrete for building construction and various public utility projects Most of the stones used are limestone, because they are easy to find, consistent quality, and easy to produce.

Road construction

It is mainly used for foundation foundation or mixed with asphalt for repairing or constructing roads, especially for new roads that require foundation stones. The stones used in this type of work are usually limestone or Sandstone and shale

Use in special construction projects

Special construction projects that use a lot of stone construction are Construction of railways, airports, or large utilities Which stones used in this type of work Need to be stronger than other types of rocks such as granite with high hardness Is often used in foundation construction for large-scale construction structures that require strength

Industrial stone products Granite and limestone types

The types of stone products are as follows



20 mm

6 mm